Competitive Dance Teams


2018 MDC Competitive Pictures!

Thanks Kate Jones Photography

Midwest Dance Center is the home of three nationally recognized and acclaimed dance teams. MDC teams travel nationally to multiple leading edge competitions and workshops including Nuvo, Radix, Jump, Groove, Monsters of Hip Hop, Celebrity Dance, Starz, Pulse, Spotlight, Triple S, Jamfest, Glam Tour and many others. Our teams take their passion for dance to the next level and build lasting life long memories.  Being part of a competitive dance team instills self-confidence, strength and resilience and teaches you valuable lessons to keep forever.

Dakota Dance Team  |  This senior level competitive team is a high energy, impressive group of dancers that is diversified throughout dance styles.  DDT is sure to catch your eye and provide for plenty of entertainment.

Edge  |  This Junior level competitive team is a great building block to making an excellent dancer.  This team has it’s own kind of spunk and fire that is hard to miss.

Street Team  |  This Youth level competitive team begins to teach the basics of being a competitive, strong dancer. Street Team will make you want to get up and join them on the dance floor.

ENVY  |  This Mini Level competitive team is as cute as can be and begins to introduce the dancer to the competitive world.   ENVY is sure to make you smile and to leave a lasting impression with their energy.

If you are interested in joining the competitive family at Midwest Dance Center contact Tonia at